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7 Essential Security Measures When You Go Online

Owning a personal computer or business laptop, you will require protection from viruses & malware just to go about your daily activities.

Although if you follow some basic good computer habits you can avoid getting your system infected with a virus or malware, but is it just that simple? Avoiding browsing, streaming and downloading content from unreliable sources can help you ditch some obvious threats but securing your computer doesn’t stop there. Read more about essential measure to take while surfing online here.

  1. Always keep an antivirus running on auto-protect mode in the background and ensure that it is set on the auto-update mode.

  2. Never copy data from a USB drive without giving it the anti-virus scan treatment first. They may be your friends for getting you the latest movies, but may be as oblivious to the threats as you are.

  3. Do not click on shady looking links and pop-up windows while browsing the web, no matter if you have just won a million dollars.

  4. Do not reply with the bank account info to mails that inform you that you have won a billion dollars in lottery in the U.K (or anywhere).

  5. Do not enter confidential info (like credit card number) on just any website. Verify payment security services like VeriSign, etc., before you place an order for that product you want to buy.

  6. Avoid downloading anything from just any website. Downloads can be laced with the malicious software, designed to sneakily steal your data from the hard drive.

  7. With the correct software protection shield in place, your laptop can survive most infection attacks. However, this is not to say that you need to spend a whole lot of money on buying the security software. There are a lot of free options out there, which do the job pretty well.
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